The truth about life

Modern physics proves there are probably two possibilities of how the universe works

First one – deterministic. Time continuum is our ilusion caused by limited observation capabilities of our body senses. Time exists as a whole big dimention of spacetime. At once. Not a moment, not a point. There is no past and no future. Everything is now. It exists in every moment as one big bubble or path. It means that our life is imprinted on this path already. To live we just follow the path. Experience.

Second one – a bubble realities or multiverse. In short it means everything can happen or even already has happened. There are many realities or “bubbles” where you are doing different choices and becoming different person. But then again the choice is an ilusion. All of them exists in parallel. All versions of you are existing at once in different bubbles. Then the Universe looks more or less like this…

So what’s the conclusion?

Hmmmm… Definitely pink nails are wesome! 😉

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